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Reasons why Marshal is the Shop Floor Data Collection of choice

Reasons why Marshal is the Shop Floor Data Collection of choice

Any technology that you put on the shop floor must offer a natural and efficient way for operators to use it. That means the UI should be designed and purpose-built for use on the factory floor. Marshal has been created with years of experience driving the development. The development team have seen hundreds of shop floors and know exactly how the operators like to operate and this has been translated into our easy-to-use UI.

Your SFDC system should promote the use of touch screens and barcode scanners as the primary ways that staff enter data. Operators must be able to complete tasks with minimal effort. There should be no room for confusion, which means having a navigation-free interface that is simple, streamlined and intuitive – minimising errors and the need for training.
Having an efficient user interface is critical if you want to ensure that the data you gather from the shop floor is accurate and highly granular. And data accuracy is the foundation for better decision making.

Enable better business decisions

There is no point in collecting data unless it helps you make better business decisions. If you have to export data from the SFDC system and import it into a spreadsheet package or some other analysis software, then your SFDC system isn’t fit for purpose. To be worthwhile, the SFDC system must have ‘out of the box’ reporting, analytics and dashboards that will drive better decision making in your business without any further work. This is why Marshal has its very own built reports to help enable the decision-makers to make more informed decisions.

Rapid Deployment

If an SFDC system requires interfaces with hundreds of data services to get up and running, it can incur delays and extra costs before you have the system functional on the shop floor.

Marshal is a highly configurable and flexible SFDC system that will meet the needs for your manufacturing operation. With our experienced team on hand to implement the system, the process will be smooth and hassle-free. There is no need for expensive equipment to be bought as Marshal can be run through a PC or a Tablet on the shop floor.

Compatible with current systems

The way you collect shop floor data must be compatible with your existing business systems – typically ERP/MRP, including production planning and scheduling tools.

Marshal has been developed to stand alone as a shop floor data collection tool that will integrate with any of your existing systems. As planning and scheduling experts here at Resource Management Systems who are experienced resellers of Preactor APS with over 25 years in the sector, Marshal was developed to sit perfectly alongside Preactor and is the perfect solution to shop floor data collection if your company is already utilising the Preactor software.

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