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Overview of Opcenter Advanced Scheduling (formerly known as Preactor Advanced Scheduling)

Opcenter Advanced Scheduling is an interactive, out-of-the-box, multi-constraint system that utilises a Gantt chart to provide a graphical representation of the production schedule. A scheduling tool primarily for manufacturers that need to schedule machines, production lines and resources that enables companies to significantly reducing production cost and time whilst improving levels of productivity. Opcenter AS provides decision-making support for overtime, order prioritisation, split production batches, due date negotiation and order processing.

Flexibility for any manufacturing environment

Opcenter is highly customisable meaning we can ensure it fits to meet your scheduling requirements.

Full Material Control

Have visibilty of your bill of materials and supply chain with the Material Explorer.

Graphical User Interface

An intuitive interface that is easy to learn and understand provides a great user experience ready for them to tackle the scheduling scenario.

Customisable scheduling rules and logic

The ability to build bespoke rules to fit perfectly for your manufacturing requirements is an extremely powerful tool for any sized organisation.

Integration with any existing systems

With the ability to use ODBC source, SQL Connections and more, Preactor can integrate with nearly any system that is used by businesses.

Tiered product range

With Opcenter available at Standard, Professional and Ulitmate, we can match your requirements and budget with the level of software needed.

What is Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)?

For any sized organisation, Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling could be the missing link when attempting to realise the potential of your manufacturing operations. APS is becoming increasingly essential for businesses as manufacturers must react quickly and intelligently to unexpected changes whilst being able to respond to shorter lead times and satisfy customer demands. Opcenter APS products have been specifically developed to meet this need, using advanced algorithms that balance demand and capacity to generate achievable production schedules.

For constraint-based production planning and shop floor scheduling, Opcenter APS leads the way in enabling the optimisation of manufacturing processes and provides greater visibility to increase capacity and resource utilisation whilst improving on-time delivery levels. Production planners can generate what-if scenarios and evaluate these against each other to allow them to achieve the best results and minimise the opportunity cost companies may face.

Opcenter APS gives us the ability to visualise the assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods and sales orders in the Material Explorer. This shows a graphical view of the material dependencies as well as plots of stock levels over time. See where shortages will occur and choose to keep them as a constraint or ignore them.

Opcenter APS will work seamlessly alongside Marshal Shop Floor Data Collection and is often purchased together to fully enhance manufacturing operations. Find out how they can benefit your business here.

As part of the RMS package, we offer

Do you need feedback on your scheduling scenario?

As the project progresses, we can work with you to find a solution to your scheduling problems.

Having an RMS consultant who understands and has experience in finding a solution within Opcenter APS can help companies save time and effort when trying to map out the correct path.

Do you have a complex scheduling problem?

Depending on the complexity of your scheduling scenario, this could mean additional work needs to be undertaken to ensure your scheduling is kept up to speed.

Our software engineers have years of experience in developing Opcenter APS systems which consider many different variables, attributes and considerations.


Training that can be tailored to your requirements

Having professional training is paramout to the success of a project.

Working closely with the designated person(s) to ensure they know how to schedule and manage Opcenter APS to best suit their requirements is key. We can tailor our training sessions to ensure you know exactly what you need to make best use of the solution.

Ensuring your business critical system is always up and running

We offer technical support either over the phone or email and can remotely work on any issues that may arise, ensuring as little downtime as possible.