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Marshal Shop Floor Data Collection

Marshal Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) is a web-based application which publishes working instructions to the shop floor, allows users to log into jobs and provide live job-status feedback to the master schedule. All the data is recorded in a standard SQL database enabling the use of any business intelligence reporting tools to slice and dice data as required.

Planned data is stored with every job so Planned v Actual comparisons can be made for any job, month, or resource. Having this information, easy to hand, is a key component to enabling a continuous process improvement strategy.

A flexible and easy to use out-of-the-box solution that will enable you to cut down on business admin, improve operational efficiency and have immediate access to the current performance of the people, processes and resources.

The data entry workflow has been designed with the shop floor in mind, and our approach replaces dated and error-prone paper-based communications with an efficient digital solution.


Collect operation status data – start / stopped / complete

Record mid-batch quantities and times – enables recalculation of new expected end times

Views and layouts can be configured for each individual, based on their preferences

Provides document access for drawings, machine configuration and inspection

Each booking is logged enabling detailed job reports

Book scrap quantities, take photos and add notes and to each operation

Full administrator controls to set user roles and permissions

Taking the process Digital

Marshal aims to replace the entire process paper-chain, replacing Work To Lists, Route Cards, and Timesheets with a live database where on-screen versions are instantly available – and printable if you still prefer!

A dashboard of live performance data provides an early warning when the process begins to deviate beyond allowable tolerances and prevents expensive failure and lost productivity.

Marshal’s ability to enable historic performance analysis, provides a useful and more realistic indication of future capacity, but more importantly, it provides the hard evidence to justify capital expenditure.

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Integration with Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor APS) and other products

Marshal has been developed to work as stand-alone shop data collection or to work in conjuction with Opcenter APS. It is easy to integrate with any of your existing systems and is the perfect solution to shop floor data collection if your company is already utilising the Opcenter/Preactor software.

With our experienced team on hand to implement the system, the process will be smooth and hassle-free. There is no need for expensive specialist equipment to be bought as Marshal SFDC can be run through a PC, Laptop or a Tablet on a shop floor – anything with a web browser.

Benefits of Marshal Shop Floor Data Collection:

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