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Opcenter AS Ultimate

Unrivalled level of configurability to meet your scheduling needs

Opcenter AS Ultimate is the top tier of the Opcenter Advanced Scheduling range of products and offers an unrivalled level of flexibility. Whilst encompassing all the features of AS Standard and AS Professional, AS Ultimate provides the complete scheduling solution for a manufacturing operation of any scale. Opcenter Ultimate is more of a toolkit, allowing scheduling applications to be produced, which meet the specific requirements.

The entire database schema can be altered as required, including adding unlimited tables and fields. Via the Opcenter Advanced Programming Interface (API), it is possible to create entirely customised scheduling rules to solve very specific scheduling problems. The API can also be deployed to build data manipulation tools for use with the Opcenter workflow engine.

Cost-effective rollout for multi-site operations

The purchase of Opcenter AS Ultimate includes a developer licence (Opcenter Ultimate Access), which provides all the access to the customisation tools and unlocks the API. This is a one-off purchase for the organisation, included in the cost of the first Opcenter Ultimate system. This then enables a much more cost-effective, multi-site roll out programme to be implemented.

Take full control of production with advanced scheduling logic and shop floor feedback

As users gain a more sophisticated understanding of the application and scheduling logic, more requirements often emerge – more constraints may need to be considered, tighter scheduling logic applied, and a faster capable to promise workflow developed. Opcenter Ultimate has all the development tools to facilitate this journey towards world class production scheduling.

As part of a continuous improvement strategy, the development and integration tools within Opcenter Ultimate can be used to create more sophisticated reports to highlight key performance targets.

Opcenter Ultimate can be integrated with other business systems alongside the primary ERP integration – such as shop floor data collection. This enables paperless working instructions (work-to-lists), real-time updating from the shop floor, and an ability to complete the all important “Planned v Actual” comparison.

For more information on how this improvement strategy could positively impact your operation, check out Marshal Shop Floor Data Collection here.

You can also visit the Siemens website to read about Opcenter APS here.

Feature List:

  • ‘Order at a Time’ scheduling
  • Table and Field renaming
  • User definable interface
  • File-based import & export
  • Unlimited Customisable spare fields
  • Flexible order routing
  • Links to ODBC data source
  • Mid-Batch updating with recalculation
  • Full sequence dependent attribute-based setup times
  • A set of standard advanced planning rules
  • Material consumption and production at operation level
  • Custom material linking rules
  • Opcenter Object API for data manipulation
  • Open Planning Board API for custom scheduling rules
  • Multi-constraint scheduling (primary, secondary and materials)
  • Material consumption at order level
  • FIFO Material linking rule
  • Attribute-based simple setup times
  • Order Enquiry
  • Transfer Batching and Slack times
  • Opcenter workflow (PESP) with custom actions to run external code
  • Opcenter workflow (PESP) scheduling actions for multi-pass rules
  • Material Explorer for material data visualisation
  • Advanced resource constraints to model complex concurrent resource usage
  • Advanced operation constraints for complex inter-operation relationships
  • Exclude invalid resources based on attribute
  • Database schema and menu structure editing
  • All Opcenter scheduling features and classifications

Potential Benefits:

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