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RMS’ new website, Marshal SFDC is ready to begin rollout and Siemens rebrands Preactor

2020 is well and truly underway here at the RMS’ office and there are lots of exciting new changes happening on all fronts. RMS’ New Website With a revamped website and a modernisation of the company logo, we look to increase our offering and give back to existing customers with our new monthly newsletter which […]

Key facts and essentials for implementing an APS system

Software companies invested millions developing-high end APS solutions that claimed to “optimize” the way a plant was scheduled. Most of these systems failed miserably in the real world. Why? Because they couldn’t produce accurate schedules that considered the tribal knowledge critical to running most plants. More importantly, there was no mechanism to modify the way […]

Siemens rebrands Preactor APS to Opcenter APS and launches the Siemens Opcenter Portfolio

Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced the immediate availability of Siemens Opcenter™ software, a cohesive portfolio of software solutions for manufacturing operations management (MOM). Siemens Opcenter expands on the heritage of Siemens’ recognized MOM software by uniting these products in a single, connected cloud-ready portfolio with a harmonized user experience that can help manufacturers meet […]

Problems for Schedulers

A rush order appears and re-work is required, operators report sick, a machine breaks down, or demand does not meet forecast, & a hole is blown in the production plan, leaving schedulers to spend time re-assigning work, changing priorities or altering process routes to meet delivery dates. The schedulers art is to constantly try to […]

Forward and Backward Scheduling

Scheduling is a method that aims for the most efficient use of resources to complete a task within a stipulated time. In a production process or manufacturing process, scheduling of task pertains to the scheduling of human activities and planning the use of equipment and facilities. They are used to efficiently strategise and allocate equipment, […]

Reasons why Marshal is the Shop Floor Data Collection of choice

Any technology that you put on the shop floor must offer a natural and efficient way for operators to use it. That means the UI should be designed and purpose-built for use on the factory floor. Marshal has been created with years of experience driving the development. The development team have seen hundreds of shop […]

What is Finite Capacity Scheduling?

Finite Capacity Scheduling is a process whereby a production plan consisting of a sequence of operations to fulfil orders is generated based upon the capacity of resources. These can be machines, operators, tooling or anything which is a constraint on the production process. An MRP system typically takes the orders for products, breaks them down […]