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Opcenter AS Standard

Order Based Multi-Constraint Scheduling

Opcenter Standard is the entry level system but covers all the basic requirements of effective production scheduling. Opcenter is a graphical planning system and uses an interactive Gantt chart to create and display the schedule.

Opcenter Standard generates the schedule based either on Forward, Backward or Bi-Directional logic and has a number of options to determine the sequence order, such as Priority, Due Date, Sort Order and Weighting. The sequencing algorithm’s all take into account resource availability, additional constraints such as tooling and labour. Opcenter Standard also respects the full material constraints – complex material relationships can be created using the Bill of Materials tables.

Opcenter Standard can also consider different run speeds on different resources on top of the ability to set resource efficiencies on a shift by shift basis. Simple sequence-dependant setup times can be calculated during sequencing and overlaps or delays between operations can be incorporated.

Despite all this scheduling power, the drag and drop interface can be used at any point to override the sequencing algorithm which allows normal rules to be broken. A check or validation function reports any such violations, and Schedule Repair allows these manual overrides to be corrected.

Integrate with existing ERP systems with ease

Opcenter AS can easily be integrated with existing ERP, SOP shop floor data collection systems. Using the Import/Export Wizard, Opcenter can connect directly into any open data source and extract the relevant data using SQL statements. Equally SQL scripts can be created in minutes to send data back to your systems to ensure all data and processes are aligned.

Even if your data resides in a bespoke database or Excel workbook, Opcenter Standard can integrate to and from this data source.

You can also visit the Siemens website to read about Opcenter APS here.

Feature List:

  • ‘Order at a Time’ scheduling
  • Table and Field renaming
  • User definable interface
  • File-based import & export
  • 12 Customisable spare fields
  • Flexible order routing
  • Links to ODBC data source
  • Multi-constraint scheduling (primary, secondary and materials)
  • Material consumption at order level
  • FIFO Material linking rule
  • Attribute-based simple setup times
  • Order Enquiry
  • Transfer Batching and Slack times
  • Opcenter workflow (PESP) with custom actions to run external code

Potential Benefits:

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