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Siemens PLM Software solution enables Narayan Powertech to raise inventory turns by 15 to 20 percent.

Narayan Powertech designs and manufactures custom-engineered instrument transformers for the energy and utilities market. The company was in need of a better predictive planning systems that could help them deliver on time as well as allow the company to balance the efficient utilisation of their resources.

Technical challenges

  • Production efficiency, particulary resource and staff utilisation
  • Delivery deadlines with such a diverse product portfolio
  • Synchronization of the value chain

Business challenges

  • Efficient production and delivery of varying order quantities
  • Large number of product variants
  • Dynamic customer demand and rush orders
  • Low percentage of make-to-stock items

Keys to success

  • Effective implementation of Preactor APS
  • Ensuring deadlines are met with current resources and manpower


  • Increased capacity utilisation and inventory turns 15-20%
  • Proactive response to customers
  • Improved on-time deliveries by 95%
  • Reduction in customer lead time from an average of 4 weeks to 2.5 weeks
  • Improved business communciations internally

“Preactor APS is helping us meet our global customer requirements such as reducing lead times, improving resource utilization, identifying bottlenecks and predicting accurate resource requirements.” Sandip Shah, Director, Narayan Powertech Pvt. Ltd.


Reasons behind choosing Preactor APS

Narayan Powertech chose Preactor APS over other software because of its significant product capabilities. The aim of installing Preactor APS was to provide:

  • Proactive predictive planning and scheduling instead of reacting to problems
  • Proactive communication with customers on delivery dates
  • Accurate delivery dates to customers
  • Accurate machine loading plan
  • Demand-centric identification of bottlenecks in advance
  • Supply demand synchronization
  • Visibility into a single plan across different departments
  • Effective resource utilisation

This case study was produced by Siemens. Narayan Powertech used the expertise of SNic Solutions for this implementation.

Watch the case study video below: