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With over 25 years of experience implementing world class APS systems, our team of experts have worked in a wide variety of manufacturing applications, ranging in size and complexity.
As one of the first Opcenter solution partners we recognised shop floor data collection is the natural extension to effective planning and scheduling. Having worked with other systems we felt it necessary to design and build our own solution tailored to complement Opcenter APS.
Based between Doncaster and Rotherham in the industrial heartland of the North, RMS have clients stretched across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Our implementation team aims to make the journey smooth and trouble free, offering a tailored service on your system, to solve with your issues, working with just your people.

RMS work with Allied Glazing Systems

See how Opcenter AS (formerly Preactor AS) could benefit your business

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Is Opcenter APS right for my business?

If demand is outstripping supply and you’re struggling to schedule all the work so the orders go out on time, then Opcenter APS is a perfect fit for your business. It will help provide greater visibility throughout your manufacturing operations which in turn, can lead to improved customer service and many other benefits.

What is Marshal SFDC?

Marshal Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) is a real-time order tracking software that has been developed by RMS. It can either work seamlessly alongside Opcenter or as a stand-alone system that will improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations.

Why should I choose RMS?

We have our 25 years of experience of implementing and developing Opcenter/Preactor APS systems. Our experienced consultants and software engineers will ensure the process is as seamless as possible for your company. We aim to help you quickly realise the benefits that Opcenter APS can bring and offer a healthy ROI.

Do RMS offer on-going support if I buy Opcenter APS and/or Marshal SFDC?

Yes! When you purchase our services we include technical support to ensure any issues can be resolved quickly by phone or email. This is extremely important as these systems can soon become business critical and ensuring they are running efficiently is essential.

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  • The world's leading scheduling solution.
  • Create factory wide visibility of your schedule and improve on time delivery performance.
  • Flexible to any manufacturing environment with integration to existing systems.
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Manage your shop floor with Marshal Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Real-time order tracking and data entry.
  • Create seamless digital information flow from shop floor to management.
  • Target continuous process improvement with Planned v Actual comparison.
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